Center for Mathematics and Science Education

The University of Mississippi
Mathematics Professional Development

The CMSE strives to produce quality professional development opportunities for Mississippi math teachers.  You can register for our PD opportunities down below!

Upcoming Professional Development Workshops

Keys to Mathematical Success:
Connecting Mathematical Representations and Building Procedural Fluency

K - 12TH Grade
One-Day workshop

Key to Mathematical Success:
Supporting Productive Struggle and Eliciting Student Thinking

k - 12th grade
One-Day WOrkshop

“The Primary Mathematics Institute was awesome! I feel like I understand my role as a math educator so much better!”

"The information I learned at the Math Specialist Conference was so much more than I expected!"

“Dr. James is such a good facilitator, and I just love going to the math sessions!”

Developing Teaching Professionals

"The thing I love most about CMSE is the passion that staff has about developing teachers. Dr. Steimle and Dr. James work extremely hard t0 make sure that professional development is timely, necessary, and inclusive."
Brian buckhalter
Math Specialist, Oxford School District