University of Mississippi

NSF NMGK-8 Resources

The North Mississippi Grades K-8 Project, funded by the National Science Foundation and under the direction of Dr. John O’Haver and management of Dr. Alice Steimle, created many resources for teachers of grades K-8. These resources were provided through the project’s website: (this site is no longer active). Unfortunately, the NSF NMGK-8 project is no longer in operation, but the resources are now available here on the CMSE website. If you have any questions, please contact us at:




1st Grade
2nd Grade

a worm with a view
animal code
before and after the chicken and the egg
choose your marbles
coin combinations
endangered species
food chain gang
forces in motion
geologist presentation
great seed discovery
how to host a compost
jumping genes
just a phase
learning multiplication
magnets pickup
math centers
ocean commotion
perfect pressure
plan a plant party
planets around the sun
prehistoric discovery
recycling and measurementv
rounding numbers
science fair
shape shifting
simply snakes
skip counting
solids liquids gases 2
spider shapes
the water cycle
two for the show
underground animals

3rd Grade

build your wagon
endangered environment
evaluating earthquakes
estimation station
exploring earths ecosystems
investigating minerals
it might be a planet if
johnny appleseed
layering it on thick
matter changes
mississippi spiders
mississippi wetlands
ms powerpoint
mummy math
number factory
plant power
probability introduction
rain forest rain
rock and mineral collection
roman numerals
sensational seeds
sorting soils
the rock cycle
volcanic vistas
whats in the river
whats the combination
whether the weather be
wiggly worms

4th Grade

an introduction to cells and the microscope
area perimeter volume
cash register
everybodys antibodies
food chain
food chain and food web
kinetic and potential energy
konnecting your education with knex
learning labels
place value
planets in a row
puling pentominoes
solar system unit
systems of the human body
tantaliing tangrams
the earths changing surface
whats in your quadrat

Middle School

5th Grade
6th Grade

atom of my eye
earth from space
first bank
holy html
measure to treasure
metamorphic rock activity
reduce your trash
refraction action
rock lab
the bug files
the original g gravity
trophic transfers
water quality
whats in a name
wonderful wall street

7th Grade

2 systems of measurement
a crusty situation
a look into america weather
balancing equations
budgeting down the mississippi river
constructing 3-d figures
creating a webpage
easy as 123
electro magnificent magnetism
endangered species
erosion and weathering activities
exploring efficiency
fragmentation figuring
geometer sketchpad
grain size analysis
its a string thing
its all in the genes
lab safety
learning html
middle school science fair
mineral identification lab
mississippi river presentation
percentages and probability
physics of a half pipe
raving about reactions
river boat science
rock and mineral powerpoint presentation with notes
roller coaster physics
superhero probability
taking stock of the market
the solar system

8th Grade

a lesson on supply and demand
angled adventure
discovering newtons laws
dynamics of disease
forensics and dna analysis
geology of mississippi
gridiron statistics-removed
history of mathematics
how much is a penny worth
light years and the great debate
math and astronomy
measuring ph
middle school science fair
program til you drop
roller coaster physics
rube goldberg
shapes and fractions
the fall of the ussr
weather worksheet