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STEM Experts

We bring the experts to your classroom

The Program

The Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE) at the University of Mississippi is excited to partner with K-12 teachers to help bring STEM Faculty and/or Ambassadors to the classroom for engaging lessons, dynamic demonstrations, and intriguing lectures! Through this program, the CMSE will identify a STEM Faculty/Ambassador and act as a liaison between the STEM Faculty/Ambassador and the teacher.

Program options

STEM Demonstrations

The University of Mississippi STEM Ambassadors program involves current students from STEM departments on campus who travel to schools across Mississippi in order to share information and present engineering and physics demonstrations. The ambassadors hope to inspire K-12 students to pursue a STEM career. Typically, the ambassadors would perform a demonstration of specific STEM concepts. Examples COULD include but are not limited to: Physics Demonstrations, Earthquake Demonstrations, Robotics Demonstrations, etc.

STEM Guest Speakers

The University of Mississippi is privileged to have so many faculty and students with a variety of expertise. These individuals are happy to share their knowledge with you and your students. If you are discussing a particular STEM topic and would like a guest speaker to visit your class(es), let us help you coordinate those efforts.

STEM Activities

These activities are meant to engage students in hands-on activities that we can bring to your classroom allowing students to explore STEM concepts. STEM ambassadors can present these activities for you and your students in your classroom or can provide you with the necessary information to help you present the materials yourself. Activities could include spaghetti tower challenges, chess problems related to mathematics, STEM activities that relate math and science skills to the STEM professions.

Please note, some opportunities of this program may include a cost to cover mileage and/or materials.

Program Reservation

To get the conversation going, request a STEM Expert, or to get more information, please complete the form linked below. A member of the CMSE team will contact you to help plan your adventure! Please allow at least four weeks to coordinate.

"This is a unique opportunity for K-12 teachers to give their students experiences of an expert in STEM field(s)! The best part is that this opportunity is provided without ever leaving the classroom."
Justin Mills
STEM Experiences Coordinator