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Science and Engineering Practices in the Classroom

What does science look like in action? Age-appropriate practices of science and engineering are embedded into the MS College – and Career-Readiness Standards for Science. Join us to examine these eight Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) and watch as teachers implement them in the classroom.

Course Begins: September 1, 2020

Course Ends: September 30, 2020

This is a completely self-paced, online course. All course assignments must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. September 30, 2020. At that time, the course will close and no additional assignments will be accepted. 

Session 1: Science and Engineering Practices

Watch as Paul Anderson describes what each practice entails and how they should be implemented from elementary through high school.

Session 2: In the Classroom

See how teachers incorporate the SEPs in classroom instruction and watch as student learning is transformed from direct instruction to include more student-activated learning. 

Session 3: Special Topic

Listen to experienced teachers speak about being in the classroom to encourage those working directly with students. 

Session 4: Connections

Make connections and engage with other participants to learn from a community of educators. 

Dr. Whitney Jackson

Professional Development Coordinator – Science

The Center for Mathematics and Science Education 

The University of Mississippi


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