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Center for Mathematics and Science Education
The University of Mississippi

Middle Math Institutes: Statistics and Probability

In the middle grades, students build upon their understanding of number and begin to develop their ability to think statistically. This process includes understanding variability and making sense of and interpreting data representations. Engaging students in statistical investigations provides them with experiences with analyzing, producing, and interpreting data. Introduction to theoretical probability models and empirical probability approximation provides middle grades students with the foundation for statistical inference vital to more advanced mathematical and scientific understandings.

This course is one of four courses in the CMSE Middle Math Institute. Educators who complete all four courses will be eligible to receive a Middle Level Mathematics (901) Supplemental Endorsement.

Registration Deadline: May 26, 2024

In-Person Institute

June 24-27, 2024

Online Institute
February 17 – April 18, 2025

For information about other Institutes in the Middle Math Institutes and to review our Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our Middle Math Institutes main page.