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Center for Mathematics and Science Education
The University of Mississippi

Science Teaching with Embedded Primary Sources (STEPS) Project

Help your students step back in time and explore the history of science through the Library of Congress’ collection of primary sources. In the STEPS workshop, participants will learn how to find, evaluate, and use historical primary sources from the Library of Congress in their science instruction. Participants will develop and revise a science lesson plan or course module using the Library of Congress’ Teaching with Primary Sources materials. Teacher stipends will be provided for participating in and completing the course.

This session is full.

Please join us for the online workshop.

Registration Deadline January 31, 2022

The STEPS Project is sponsored in part by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Midwest Region Program, located at Illinois State University. Content created and featured in partnership with the TPS Midwest Region does not indicate an endorsement by the Library of Congress.

Resources for Teaching Science with Primary Sources

The TPS Teachers Network brings together teachers with a shared interest in improving instructional practice and impacting student learning through Library of Congress primary sources. 

Everyday Mysteries will help you get the answers to many of life’s most interesting questions through scientific inquiry. In addition, we will introduce you to the Library of Congress’ rich collections in science and technology.