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Center for Mathematics and Science Education
The University of Mississippi

Strengths-Focused Mathematics Planning For All Students

Teaching that focuses on students’ academic and functional strengths positively influences their attitudes toward mathematics, increases their confidence to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving, and gives them the opportunity to clearly and purposefully engage  in mathematics learning.  Identifying students’ individual mathematical strengths is foundational in strengths-focused instructional planning for all students. It is especially important when planning for the individual education needs of students with or at risk for disabilities. In this workshop, teachers will discuss teaching strategies that promote a strengths-focused classroom, learn how the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs) can aid in identifying students’ academic and functional mathematics strengths, and explore how to leverage these strengths through student-focused tasks and interventions. This workshop is designed to be relevant for teachers of all grades, K-12. 

Registration Deadline: January 15, 2024